The Sanskrit noun योग yoga is derived from the sanskrit root yuj (युज्) “to attach, join, harness, yoke”. In the context of yoga sutras, the word Yoga means Union. Union of body movement and breath, of heart and mind, of intention and action… all will be explored in our classes.

Online Classes

Often the folks who could most benefit from a yoga session are reluctant to attend an in-person class (for a variety of reasons). That barrier, plus the current concern for general health and safety during a pandemic has resulted in a great outcome: Online Community Classes! With weekly offerings (and recordings available of each class) all you need is WiFi and your device of choice to create an at-home yoga experience unlike any other!

In Person

Community Classes

Stay in touch for weekly class announcements, new offerings and monthly mantras.

Lindsay’s yoga practice is grounded in empowerment and radical self-care. She meets you where you are and firmly guides and grounds you in yogic principles and philosophy while giving you the freedom to listen to your body and follow your own journey. Her classes help me feel strong and challenged and know I’ve done good work for both my body and mind. This is especially evident in her Yoga for Writers series where she takes challenging concepts and invites you to explore them both physically on the mat, and mentally through journaling and writing prompts. Lindsay’s online yoga classes have provided much-needed self-care and balance during these difficult times.

Sara Constankis

In 4 months of practicing with Lindsay once a week, my good cholesterol increased by 17 points and my bad cholesterol decreased by 35 points. My overall cholesterol dropped from 209 to 198; thank you for helping on my journey to a healthier me!”

Angie Kolbusz

I was once in pigeon pose, at a retreat with Lindsay and she gave me an adjustment that literally made me tear up…in the best way. She is gifted!

Leah Wagner Leonard

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