Live Yoga

Group yoga classes are a great way to improve workplace morale, increase productivity and bring everyone together to do something fun as a group.

For every $1 invested in workplace wellness, a company can expect $3 in cost savings or benefits (University of Michigan Research Centre).

Corporate Partners

Lindsay provided weekly yoga classes in a corporate setting for a fortune 500 company as a benefit to our employees. Her company was easy to work with and met all the stringent requirements required of this company’s vendors.

She was able to tailor classes for beginners to very experienced yoga practitioners. The class started out small, but continued to grow as the word spread about how excellent the class was and how good an instructor Lindsay was.

Lindsay has a unique ability to motivate and challenge all different types of people. Lindsay was a joy to work with and extremely professional. I found what I’ll call her “life lessons” at the start of each class to be both insightful and thought provoking. I recommend her services for corporate settings, in studio sessions, and private engagements.

Andrew Sales

It relaxes me. Sometimes I yawn. It makes me want to go to sleep (in a good way). Long stretch has been helping with my left hip pain.
Wallace Corbeill

Aged 85

Chair class helps improve my relaxation factor health rewards and lowering stress and inflammation. I have experienced weight loss and improved physical and mental health.

Joan Skupin

Aged 82

Lindsay is a wonderful yoga instructor. I look forward to attending her classes. She always has new movements for us, very clear in her instructions and always reminds us to do only what our own bodies will allow. Her classes are so relaxing and techniques we learn can be practice throughout our day. She always makes us feel welcomed. What a pleasure she is to have as our teacher.”

Karen Schimmel

Age 76

I’m fortunate enough to work for a company where yoga was offered during the day. I absolutely LOVED Lindsay’s class! Lindsay works your mind and body and tailors her classes to all ages and levels while still challenging those who have been attending for a while. Her instruction is clear and it’s easy to follow her verbal cues. She mixes it up weekly and always provides an entire body workout while mixing in thoughtful messages. When we shut down for Covid I was worried about losing the benefits I gained from her classes, BUT she offers Zoom classes which are just as great!

Deb Froehlich

Lindsay is such a wonderful person and yoga teacher. She has the best energy and no matter what, I always feel better after one of her classes. She has helped me with poses that I struggled with in the past. I have taken early morning classes to start my day before work and her lunchtime classes were the best part of my work day. Her yoga classes left me feeling both peaceful and energized. I have also attended one-day retreats and done virtual yoga over zoom. Lindsay put together a yoga retreat for me at my cottage for a group of my friends. It was a great day of yoga, meditation, journaling, food and discussion. She really knows how to connect with people and hold space.
Diana Fasset

Can't Join Me Live?

My recorded classes are available to you anytime, on demand!

Lindsay Madison in a back bend in front of the spirit of detroit statue